Monday 9 April 2012

How to choose a best Inverter for my home?

There are lot of brands in Inverter from local make to International brand. Local make 850 VA can cost you around 4.5 K, where as the branded inverter like APC, Numeric, Kevin, Exide can cost from 5.5K. 

Let Us assume for that you would like to connect 4 Fans and 4 Tubelight, Mixe, you can go for an 850 VA along with a 150 AH TUBULAR BATTERY which can withstand 6 hours continuous power cut. This is assumed if you are using branded inverter like APC or Exide along with the branded battery like EXIDE.

So, what type of Inverter I can choose for my home?An inverter takes DC power (battery) and converts it into AC "household" power for running electronic equipment and appliances.


             Alternating current (AC) has a continuously varying voltage that swings from positive to negative. This has great advantages in power transmission over long distances. Power from your electricity board is regulated to be a perfect sine wave, because that is what naturally comes out of a generator, and also because sine waves radiate the least amount of radio power during long distance transmission.

            On the other hand, a sine wave is expensive to make in an inverter, and many sine wave techniques use heavy, efficient transformers. The output wave-form is a sine-wave with very low harmonic distortion and clean power like utility supplied electricity. Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV.


                  These old-fashioned inverters are the cheapest to make, but the hardest to use. They just flip the voltage from plus to minus creating a square waveform. They are not very efficient because the square wave has a lot of power in higher harmonics that cannot be used by many appliances. The modified sine wave is designed to minimize the power in the harmonics while still being cheap to make.

                  The most inexpensive way to make AC is to switch the DC on and off--a square wave. A modified sine wave is scientifically designed to simulate a sine wave in the most important respects so that it will work for most appliances. It consists of a flat plateau of positive voltage, dropping abruptly to zero for a while, then dropping again to a flat plateau of negative voltage, back to zero for a while, then returning to the positive voltage. This pause at zero volts puts more power into the 60HZ fundamental than a simple square wave does, so it is called "modified sine wave" instead of "square wave."

It is always best to go with the best. So, choose a branded sine wave inverter rather than old out-dated square wave.

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  1. Always go for the sine wave. because sqaure wave can damage all your electronic appliances for sure. Source: My past 9 year experience with a SQ wave invereter. Switched to apc sine wave today.