Wednesday 4 December 2013


It is power cut again in all parts of Tamil Nadu. Everyone would like to get rid of  powercuts. In this post, I would like to suggest you few of the best UPS and batteries you can choose. By this time many of you knew very well that best combo you can have for an Home is 
1. 850va Inverter & 150Ah Tubular Battery or 
2. 850va Inverter & 100Ah Tubular Battery

So what is  the best product and the best price.

Choosing an Inverter/UPS:
1. Always ensure the UPS is SINEWAVE and its not an Modified Sine Wave, Most of the branded companies come up with SINEWAVE nowadays.
2.For an Home with normal usage including Tublights, Fans, PC and Teleision, You can go for Standard 850VA Model.
3. Many brands come up with excellent features to attract customers but let us see few brands and their features that are really useful to all.

1. APC 850va (American Power Conversion) by Schneider Electric.
To all who thought APC is out of Indian Market. You are on the wrong side. 
YES!APC is back with resounding features and now with Schneider Electric, world leader in Power Protection. 
APC's biggest weakness was their SERVICE SUPPORT, Now APC's biggest strength along with Excellent features is wide Customer Support within 24 hours across India.
Yes! Service support across India is available now.

1. Charger output selector- Allows you to match the Home UPS's battery charger output
to your specific battery size, ensuring the longest possible battery life, by preventing under and over-charging.
Note: No other UPS has this feature; it's a unique feature of APC. All other UPS has High, Normal and Low Charging Options only. Not specific modes as APC

2. Fault Mode: Superior and Excellent feature which indicates weather fault is with UPS or Battery or Wiring. It is a promising and exclusive feature of APC and no other UPS has this mode. 

3. Generator compatibility-Allows you to recharge your battery while on generator power.

3. Microprocessor controlled, 3-stage regulated charging ensures the fastest recharge times without decreasing battery life. This makes your battery performance much better 

( 500 to 1000 INR costlier than other UPS but millions worth the money)

2. EXIDE 850va (HOME UPS) by Exide Industries Limited..

The Most awaited product, ‘Home inverter’ from Exide has been finally introduced by the battery manufacturing GiantExideExide present the latest breakthrough in the world of power back up UPS. We have to wait an watch the performance of EXIDE HOME UPS as its a new born baby from EXIDE. 
1. LCD Display: Exide Inverter/UPS has an LCD display for better user interface.
2. Indicator for BATTERY TOPPING-UP(OPTIONAL): Its an optional feature from Exide and you need to purchase extra requirements to enable this functionality.


3.Best 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery: Exide IT500 150Ah

               No compromise on what so ever, this is the best battery with proven records across India.
Average lifespan of  Exide IT500 is Seven Years, It comes with 48 Months warranty and with most efficient TORR TUBULAR Technology.

Brand: EXIDE
Segment: Exide Industrial
Model: IT 500
Capacity: 12V 150Ah
Type: Tall Tubular
Warranty: 48 Months
Mrp: 20499
Usage: 4 Tube Lights + 4 Fans + 1 LCD TV + 2 CFL
Backup:  5~6 Hours

EXIDE IT500 PRICE : 15500 Rs.

4.Best 100 Ah Tubular Battery: Exide IR350+ Battery.

If you are looking for an Budget Battery and limited usage of Two Tublights and Two Fans with CFL lights then IR350+ Battery is your perfect choice. It comes with 36 Months replacement warranty. Average lifespan of  Exide IT500 is Six Years, TORR TUBULAR Technology.

Brand: EXIDE
Segment: Exide Industrial
Model: IR 350+
Capacity: 12V 100Ah
Type: Thick Tubular
Warranty: 36 Months
Mrp: 12499
Usage: 2 Tube Lights + 2 Fans +  2 CFL
BackUp: 3~4 Hours

EXIDE IR350+ 100Ah Tubular Battery Price: 10,000 INR

For UPS AND BATTERY delivery across Tamil Nadu. 
Please call Bharat Powers to book your ups and battery @ 98428 91091/ 98659 91091
visit us at:
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