Wednesday 1 July 2015

How to choose best battery for my car ? Buy Car Battery in India

There have been loads of battery manufacturers making a walk-in the Indian automotive battery industry. It has been a confusing scenario for the end customers on choosing the best battery for their car. Indeed we hardly had couple of brands in the battery industry few years ago. 
Scenario has completely changed ever since 2010. There have been lots of local manufacturers who have started manufacturing batteries. Sometimes these batteries get a better life than a branded one but it entirely depends on your luck. So it is always better to go for branded batteries than local manufacturers.

The year 2014 has witnessed the walk-in of global battery giants like Panasonic making their mark in the Indian market. We can witness a healthy competition from the top brands across globe eyeing on Indian Automative industry.  So, now we have a handful of battery brands going around Indian lead acid storage industry. 
What battery can I choose for my car and which is the best battery for my car? 
Five main factors to be considered in buying a car battery are 
1. See that the battery has highest CA and CCA rating. 
2. Check for real replacement warranty (Guarantee) not the (warranty*) Pro rata warranty 
3. Analyse the technology used in the battery and how well it will be useful for indian sub condition.
4. Make sure the battery is suitable for Indian climate.
5.  See that your car battery comes with proper manufacturer warranty booklet and Taxed Invoice of 14.5%
You can get in touch with bharat powers retail store who are authorised exide dealers in salem, authorised brand distributor of APC by schneider Electric and panasonic.
For buying car battery offline or there are like online sites like 
1. - All home appliances including car battery can be shopped.
2. - Exclusive store for car battery and ups battery sold by authorised brand distributors.


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