Saturday 1 August 2015

Factors to be considered in buying Home UPS

Power cut has been a major problem that Indians have been facing these days. All Indian states undergo this power crisis. It’s high time to choose the best inverter/ ups for your home and industry applications. What all need to be considered in buying a home ups?

It’s always better to choose a sine wave ups. There are lots of brands that come up with the sine wave ups. Even dominant brand in battery like Exide have started manufacturing UPS and robust UPS brand like APC are still available in the market backed by Schneider electric service.
There are major key players in Home UPS market that includes Microtek, Sukem, V- Guard, etc and  loads of local manufacturers as well.
Always keep in mind that you are supported by on-site warranty. Many company gives two years of on-site warranty. Company like APC allows you to extend on-site warranty even after two years for a lesser fees.
Branded companies in home ups market comes with loads of options in the inverter which are much beneficial to the customers. Exide has attractive digital display that shows the voltage and power on/off options where as APC comes with battery selector that adopts charging methodology to different battery specs that saves EB. Infact APC is the oldest brand that is still available in the indian market.
Make sure you purchase the product from authorised distributor or dealer of that product to avail warranty.
You can walk into your nearest retail outlet for shopping APC by schneider Electric, Exide, Microtek, Sukam, etc or you can shop online from, and


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